Organic Herbicide

Organic Herbicide is a Total Herbicide for use in the eradication of unwanted growths in sensitive areas.  The Ingredients are often found in many Plants including Food Plants.

Organic Herbicide

Biodegradable, Non Caustic, Neutral PH. Does not affect Birds, Fish, Honey Bees and many more Insects and Microorganisms, necessary for a thriving ecosystems.


Organic Herbicide is applied for the control of broad spectrum of Weeds and other invasive plants to include Dandelines, Clover, Deadnettle, Chicweed, Buttercup, Mosses and Algae.  Apply as a spray to drench weeds. 1 Litre covers 10 M2. Triple rinse container and dispose of as no hazardous waste,

Safety Instructions:

Wear protective clothing at all times. If contact with skin, rinse thoroughly with water. Rinse eyes with eyewash solution. If contact is accidentally made with nose and mouth, Wash affected areas with Water. Take all protective precautions when using spray.

Keep Out Of Reach Of Children.

Organic Herbicide Fact Sheet.

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