About The Soil

Living Soil Technology: is all about the improvement of Soil by non Chemical methods.
Living Soil Technology is committed to the Biological improvement of Soil by the addition
of the missing Ingriendents which make up good Top Soil. Over the last 50 years there has
been a major shift towards the use of Chemical Fertilizer, Pesticides and Fungisides. This
move towards Chemical use has had a devastating effects on Soil, not alone Top Soil but
down through the Soil profile. Top Soil has as a result, much reduced Organic Matter which
is necessary to sustain the microbial population. Without the Microbial population working,
Soil loses its friable feel, dark rich colour and its healthy smell.

Living Soil Technology, has developed a Compost tea suitable for use on Playing Pitches and
all sporting arenas. When using our Compost Teas, no Chemicals are required, and all Plant
required nutrients are supplied by the Microbes through the Soil Food Web

On the Physical side, when using a Compost Tea the Soil becomes much healthier and is
better able to absorb water and as well it is better able to hold onto water for use by Plants in
drought conditions. We favour the injection of the Compost Tea right at the base of the roots,
where it is immediately available to the roots. The advantage is: during the injection process
decompaction occurs by the movement of the openers through the Soil. Reinstatement is done
by the rolling of the Slit closed.

Top-Soil is often abused from overcultivation, destoning, compaction caused by overworking
in poor ground conditions. Compaction is the Main Soil enemy of the Soil and is caused by
overworking with heavy machinery in poor weather conditions. Compaction is also caused by
the overuse of Chemical Fertilizers, Herbicides. Where collectively the structure builders, the
beneficial Microbes are destroyed.